Funding Priorities

8 Reasons to Care
For more than 55 years, Queen of the Valley Medical Center has provided expert, loving care for her surrounding community. And in return, the people of Napa County have shown that they care about the Queen – with private support that has enabled our hospital to stay on the front lines of modern medicine. As we enter a new era in healthcare, we have more reasons than ever to care about the quality and the future of our community hospital.

Cancer Care
Cancer Care funding will equip us with a new linear accelerator, CT simulation equipment, and oncology services that will offer seamless access for cancer patients.

Cardiac Care
Cardiovascular Care funding will build a new catheterization lab and buy a nuclear medicine camera that will dramatically heighten our diagnosis capabilities in cardiac, cancer and other key services of the hospital.

Emergency Services
Emergency Services funding will benefit specialty training, updated technology, and more operating/program support, as well as renovated patient areas.

Peggy Herman Neuroscience Center
Our Neuroscience Program will be funded for comprehensive services and emerging technologies in trauma, neurosurgery, neurology, and stroke treatment.

Community Outreach
Community Outreach funding will provide much-needed support for such programs as the Queen’s Mobile Dental Clinic, our Healthy for Life Childhood Obesity Prevention Program, Community Health Education, and CARE Network.

Increased Endowment will provide a dependable source of revenue for the Queen, to hedge against financial uncertainties.

Nuclear Medicine Camera
Nuclear medicine funding will provide leading-edge technology that delivers accurate results with lower doses of radiation in less time.

Project Patient Connect
Project Patient Connect will enable patients at the Queen to communicate directly via wi-fi call buttons, and nurses to communicate with physicians via secure cell phone systems, decreasing response times and increasing patient safety, staff efficiency, and productivity.

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