As we enter a new era in healthcare, we have more reasons than ever to care about the quality and the future of our community hospital. Here are eight of the most compelling ones.

Thanks to the private philanthropy of our many donors, we’re able to treat everyone who walks in our doors—from the most affluent to the most vulnerable—with the quality of care we would give to our own parents, siblings, or children.

If you suffer a life-threatening injury in Napa, every minute counts. You don’t have the time to be shuttled to San Francisco. Helicopters must land at the airport, not within the city limits—and then transfer patients by ambulance to the hospital. That’s why the Queen has advanced her expertise and facilities to be comparable with university-level medical centers. This hospital will be the one to save your life.

Day after day, the Queen’s administration and staff aim for the highest standard of professional care. And year after year, we are recognized for our best practices by leading accreditors.

The Queen has never wavered in her mission to treat every person, regardless of their ability to pay. We actively strive to improve the health of our whole community. Whether its childhood obesity or oral health screenings, we deliver care to all of our neighbors, not just the ones who can afford it.

The health care industry is undergoing radical change. No hospital is immune to the declining reimbursement rates or increased costs. While we are considered a financially healthy hospital, we operate on narrow profit margins that can only go so far. Our donors ensure we can improve our facilities, update equipment and expand critical services.

The Queen must continue to invest in herself to remain current with continuous changes and advances in health care delivery. From funding new oncology services to building a new catheterization lab, we have determined nine funding ambitions which identify our need for philanthropic support to continue.

We’re fortunate to have received very large, high-profile gifts. But that’s not the whole story. We also benefit from many smaller gifts from thousands of people whose aggregate giving has made a measurable difference. Our collective generosity ensures the Queen is here when we need her.

Martin Brotman, M.D. said, “Hospitals will become more like public and private universities, where core programs are funded by taxes and tuition, but margins of excellence result from philanthropy.” It’s that “margin of excellence” we want to achieve. We can do it because of you.

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