Estate Gifts

Donors who wish to make a gift from their estates have many options that can help them achieve personal goals, address family needs, make tax-savvy decisions and benefit a charity all at the same time. It is our hope to present this valuable information in a manner as broad as or as specific as our donors may require.

We recognize that there are many starts and stops along the way to deciding what will happen to your assets when you are no longer living. Families including the Queen in their plans are always in the driver's seat, not hounded or pressured and are treated with appreciation and gratitude.

Queen of the Valley Foundation is fortunate to have a Board of Trustees that includes experienced estate planning attorneys, CPAs, investment brokers and other professionals who live, work and give in this community. Our Trustees financially support the Queen, as well as other local charities, and are well positioned to support the Queen's growing community of estate minded donors.

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