Donna and Bob Winchell

Since the Queen was built in 1958, Bob had worked on several HVAC jobs in the new facility – he’d go on to become one of the partners at Bell Products. Since then, we’ve used the hospital for our family’s care over the years. Each of our two sons was born there. And both of us have had excellent cardiac treatment – Bob had a quadruple bypass performed by Dr. Klingman 18 years ago, and he replaced a valve just a couple of months ago. We figured he knew the way in! Donna had two stents put in by Dr. Srebro about 16 years ago. And today we’re both in excellent health. We’ve chosen to donate to the cardiac department because of the high quality of care we’ve received there. Donna has also volunteered at the Queen since 1983. Whatever we can do to give back, we do. It’s so nice to have this premium level of medical care right here in our own community.

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