The Hubbard Family

When Michael Hubbard visited the Napa Valley in the early 1970s, it reminded him of the Santa Clara Valley of his childhood. In 1975, he decided to move the headquarters of his business to Napa and, several years later, moved here permanently himself. Queen of the Valley was the local community hospital, but it wasn't the Stanford Medical Center he'd been used to in Palo Alto.

In 2006, when he experienced an abdominal aortic aneurysm, Mike was told by local doctors that they weren't equipped to treat his condition, so for eight years he'd traveled regularly to Stanford to get the level of cardiovascular care he needed. But when he and his wife, Melinda, were given a tour of the Queen's new Herman Family Pavilion last year, they were very impressed by what they saw.

"I'm confident they can handle my medical issues now," he says. Mike was also impressed with the Herman family's generosity, which inspired his family to make their own $1.5-million gift. "Seeing the new pavilion was a big influence," he says.

With robotic 3-D imaging technology, the Michael Hubbard Family Hybrid Surgical Suite sets the standard for advanced heart and vascular surgeries in our region. "It felt good to be able to give something back to the community that has been so good to us," Mike says.


Walt Mickens, President and Chief Executive Officer, Queen of the Valley Medical Center (left) and Helen Patterson, Director, Major Gifts & Corporate Relations, Queen of the Valley Foundation (right) with Michael Hubbard

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