Brad Feliz, MD


In February 2015, I was having lunch with another physician and mentioned that I felt a mass in my groin that I thought might be a hernia. My colleague examined me that day, determined that it wasn’t a simple hernia, and immediately sent me back to the Queen for an ultrasound and a CT scan. What they saw made them schedule me for immediate surgery, which revealed a solid mass lesion and a lot of enlarged lymph nodes. Since I happened to be the only pathologist on service that day, I had been given conscious sedation so that I could be wheeled to the lab, post-surgery, to do my own intraoperative assessment. I went into my office with a microscope and diagnosed myself with grade two follicular lymphoma. As a hematopathologist, this disease also happens to be my area of particular expertise.

I immediately went to Stanford to discuss treatment options, since that’s where I did my post-graduate training and research. But once I faced the reality of spending six months down there, I realized that my family, friends, and work are all here in Napa. There’s no secret to the chemotherapy – it can be done anywhere. But for patient experience, the Queen is one of the best hospitals there is. You get a small, elite team of people who really know each other, so the coordination of care is absolutely outstanding. After a recent round of immunotherapy, I’m back to work full time and am feeling great.

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