John Holder

Heart Patient

“I am so grateful for the ER team I had when I went into the hospital. From the beginning, I felt like I was in good hands. I knew I had made the right decision to come to Queen of the Valley Medical Center.”

John Holder

One Sunny afternoon in 2004, John Holder and his wife Carol decided to take a trip to Truckee, California to see their daughter. What started as a pleasurable visit soon took a turn for the worst.

That evening, at a round I :00 a.m., John woke- gasping for air. As the hours passed his conditon worsened . His daughter tried to convince him to go to the local emergency room , but John felt strongly that he needed to be surrounded by healthcare professionals he knew and trusted. So, he and Carol drove almost three hours straight to Queen of the Valley Medical Center. Once admitted into the hospital, the Queen's highly skilled ER team quickly discovered that John's labored breaching was due co four blocked ateries in his heart. Within days, John underwent open-heart surgery.

After 30 years as a principal in the Napa School System, John was ready for a change. So, in 2001 John a nd Carol joined the Volun teer Services Team at Queen of the Valley. Most Thursday mornings you'll find John delivering flowers and doing various tasks a round the medical center. "We do what we can to help. lt's nice to know you can make a difference in someone's life just by saying hello." John and Carol spend countless hours volunteering throughout the valley and are always amazed at the kindness and generosity that comes from within this community. John's strength and energy might not be as strong as it once was, but it hasn't dampened his spirit for life. ''I'll keep helping people as long as I can. And I know the Queen will do the same."

1000 Trancas Street • Napa, California 94558 • (707) 257-4044