Lisa Laplace

Lisa Laplace

Napa County has the third highest rate of cancer among California’s 58 counties and is number one in the state for incidence of female breast cancer. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women nationwide, and one in every eight will receive a breast cancer diagnosis at some point in their lives.

But 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography offers new hope by making it possible to achieve earlier rates of detection than ever before. In comparison to traditional, two-dimensional mammography, it provides clearer images and more vantage points for faster detection and more accurate diagnosis. It also reduces the need for repeat appointments and testing. These benefits meant everything to Napa resident, Lisa Laplace.

A traditional mammogram and ultrasound identified a mass in Lisa’s breast, but its position near her chest wall and her dense breast tissue made it difficult to get a clear image. A few months later, her team determined the mass had grown larger, yet still struggled to get a precise image. Lisa was then referred for a 3D mammogram and biopsy.

She recalls how the higher level technology put an end to the uncertainty of her situation, “Waiting was the hardest part. My doctor was going to have to go in surgically to explore if a clear image could not be obtained. But once I had the 3D mammogram, the mass was viewed easily and the biopsy conducted, which confirmed the mass was benign. If I’d had the 3D mammogram from the start, it would have relieved a lot of anxiety.

Lisa continued, “The care I received at the Queen’s Women’s Imaging Center was phenomenal. The doctors, nurses, and staff really guided me through the whole process and were so comforting. In the end, I was very fortunate I did not require any treatment or follow up care, other than continued mammograms at regular intervals. But had my results turned out differently, 3D mammography could have gotten me on the path to treatment that much quicker—giving me the best chances for recovery and survival. In my opinion, this high-level technology is a no-brainer for our community. It really makes a difference!”

Lisa’s experience illustrates the power of technology to help us more accurately evaluate and diagnose our patients. Thanks to you, our donors, the Queen can offer 3D mammography to our community.

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